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Dec 29, 2012 8:00am PST
, mountain view and san jose. alan wang reports from san rafael. >> around the bay area, law enforcement agencies are conducting drivers license checks and if needed a sobriety test. apparently an extra reminder is needed. during the week before christmas chp made a 1170 d.u.i. arrests statewide compared to 980 in 2011. fay fatalities were up more than double, 39 compared to 14 last year. >> people are more depressed and find a relief for whatever pressures they. >> have ben smith said he had friends for a d.u.i. arrest. >> i'm hearing different numbers. last time i had a buddy it was $6,000. i've heard $10,000. >> businesses like pier 15 restaurant and bars say they will call a cab or drive a customer home themselves. it's worth it both for patron and customer. >> we do care about our customers. >> they are offering water in between drinks. >> this new year's eve she is avoiding the drive altogether. >> on new year's eve we are going to have a party and spending the night there. >> a local law firm will provide free cab service in san francisco on new year's eve and bart will have exten
Dec 22, 2012 8:00am PST
was also hurt diving out of the way. police did find and arrest the 23-year-old driver. >>> california law banning therapy aimed at turning gay minors straight has been blocked by federal court of appeals. the first was signed by the governor but the court blocked the law from taking it in effect january 1st until hearing arguments whether it's constitutional. >> the shopping frenzy is under way and retailers are trying something new to help the last minute shoppers. we're talking about 24-hour sales. tomas ramon found an example at macy's in daly city serramonte shopping center. >> all the last minute stuff i got but i a got a few to go. >> richard is last minute shopper. the stores in the mall have some kind of enticement like him. there are some offering discounts even up to 57% off but one store in the mall that offering full two days of shopping and sales is macy's. this is one of more of the 800 stores nationwide that is staying open a full 48 hours. the idea is to make sure that last minute shoppers can find a store open whatever the hour. it worries frank. >> i'm concerned about, w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2